The Smart Villages Off-Grid Energy Innovation Challenge 2016

The Smart Villages Off-Grid Energy Innovation Challenge 2016

Up to $5000 prize capital and professional mentorship for a grab if you can tell Smart village about how you want to grow your existing off-grid energy business Application Deadline: November 2016

The Smart Villages West Africa Innovation Competition seeks to find and support early stage off-grid energy entrepreneurs. Businesses must have at least an existing prototype and business model to enter.

  • Who? Early stage entrepreneurs with an existing prototype for a social business that generates or can be powered by off-grid energy
  • What? A competition for business, financial and legal services through the Bridges for Enterprise program and up to $5000 in prize capital
  • When? October – November 2016 – applications accepted January – March 2017 – business consulting engagement
  • April – investment propositions considered for prize capital Winners who successfully complete the business consulting engagement will also be eligible for Finance and Legal Advisory services from October 2017
  • Where? English-speaking applicants currently based in West African countries
    with business to benefit off-grid communities
  • Why? To give motivated young entrepreneurs an opportunity to develop business skills, build their network and win prize capital

More Details: Official Webpage of the Smart Villages Off-Grid Energy Innovation Challenge 2016