How to Remove or Change Group Admin on WhatsApp


This answer is coming from some of the serial questions we received weekly and we think we should post the answers as a post on theinfonomia. One of the best feature available on Whatsapp app is that it allows group chat which means you can talk to your all friends at a same time and can have a discussion.

You will need an Admin in charge of such group: mostly the creator of the group is the main admin but you can make other members added also an opportunity to become an admin.

What can you do to make a new admin or remove a current admin.

The group admin has the power to add so also the co-admin. To add a member as an  admin, do the following

  1. Open the group where you are the admin.
  2. Now, open the list of members just by clicking on the group info.
  3. Now, simply press and hold on the name/number of the member whom you are planning to make the group admin.
  4. Now, just select the option “Make Group Admin” and it will be done.

How to Remove Admins from WhatsApp Groups ?

To remove any member as an admin, you need to first remove him/her from the group and re-add him. Follow the steps for doing so:


  1. Just like you did above, open the list of members.
  2. Here you will see the names of the members who are group admins.
  3. Tap and hold to that name and select the option Remove “Member Name” .
  4. Now, when he is removed, add him again and he will no longer be the admin.

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