Become a CodeLagos facilitator, at CodeLagos initiative of the Lagos State Ministry of Education

Become a CodeLagos facilitator,

CodeLagos is an initiative of the Lagos State Ministry of Education aimed at making coding education framework accessible to every student in Lagos State.

Lagos State has also embraced the approach of using technology as a driving force for development— as seen with the recent selection of Lagos as one of 100 Resilient Cities and the signing of an MOU with Smart City (Dubai). During the signing, His Excellency, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode – the Governor of Lagos State – stated his commitment “to establish a strong convergence between technology, economic development and governance.”

We’re positioning students in Lagos State to:

  • Harness, create, and leverage on local & global opportunities
  • Meet the growing demand for tech skills
  • Approach the world of work as problem solvers

Beyond Coding…

Learning to code unlocks a variety of other capabilities, including:

  • Logical reasoning
  • Problem solving
  • Design thinking
  • Creativity, among others.

By teaching students to code,
we empower them to become value-creating employees or job creators in any field they choose to pursue.

To Apply As a CodeLagos facilitator,

  • As a CodeLagos facilitator, you will be contracted on a PART-TIME basis to teach in an after-school program
  • This role will require you to commit to between 60hrs – 80hrs a month.
  • Facilitators may expect to receive a monthly allowance of between N15,000 – N25,000 depending on the number of work hours  completed each month.
  • Facilitators must commit to being at their designated Centers on schedule on the days assigned. CodeLagos will make every effort to place facilitators within proximity of their location of residence.
  • I understand that the CodeLagos Facilitator position is NOT a full-time role and DOES NOT make me an employee of Lagos State

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