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THEINFONOMIA is an online platform to get enriched, informed, educated and become a better individual, family and community. We champion an evolving individual through information that explore the opportunities in and complexity of our continent and the community.theinfonomia_cover-photo-2


  • Our vision

    We are striving to develop an innovative, globally-visited web-portal service sustained through direct advertising.

  • Our mission

    To make individual life better with the enriched information. To keep the masses informed, educated and allow the freedom of expression of opinion.

Form of Advertising on

Banner Adverts

This form of online advertising is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser. At, we have a substantial amount of banner spaces, each attracting a high impression rate.


Teasers can be added to the site to make our vast audience curious about a new product, service, or new brands.

Special Placement

Not only this ad placement displays your brand but also interacts with the audience. Your concepts and designs, whether flash or API-based, can be added to specific locations anywhere on sites.

Sponsored Articles/ Landing article(s)/ Photo Landing page & Custom project

You tell about your company, its activities and projects. The customer sees you in a positive light! An article about the client and the product/service (sponsored article). Opportunity to add photos and/or videos, create photo galleries and/or video galleries: Engage the reader and lead him to the final objective (product/service purchase, participation).


This large and prominent special ad format offers a lot of space for your ad and guarantees a maximum attention. The coloured section of the image represents your ads.

Our experts always fulfill clients’ expectations. Here at, we consider every client as our partner who trusts us and whose interests we serve.

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+234 8139260994

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