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7 Interesting Beach Games/Activities That Can Guarantee You Maximum Fun


Recently,  I’ve wondered how interesting to know that the kind of fun you get at the beach doesn’t depend on the beach itself but on what you engage in. Most people still think that going to the beach is just to play in the water, eat barbeque, and just show off their nicely curved body in bikinis or shorts. Which means it is so unfortunate for peeps who can’t play in the water or don’t really have a thing for suya and then every selfies or pictures taken is so empty without any moments and memories or caught in the act kind of a thing. I was shuffling through my camera pictures and it was a good feeling after seeing some really cool pictures of great moments, but that might be the opposite for others who only went to the beach with no idea of what to do when they get there.

So, I decided to share with us some nice and cool activities and games we can indulge in to make our trip a wow. All these activities encourages bonding and networking among friends or different group of people going to the beach together under a body or organization.

    1. Hi Ha Hu: Don’t let the name scare you, its all part of the plan. When I got to hear the name of the game, it got me interested in it. This is how it goes. Minimum of 5 people and max of any number is good to get involved and trust me,  everyone will be involved. This game need to total concentration and alertness to get you going, you will really need to trust your reflexes in this game and its not tasking at all. Everyone gets to form a circle and someone starts the game by shouting these Chinese words. The first person closes his palms together and raises them up in same manner, and points it to anybody in the circle after shouting “Hi” and the person being targeted immediately raises his/her closed palms together getting ready to point at the next target calling out the word “Hu” and the two persons besides the person targeted also swerve their  closed palms towards the persons direction calling out the word “Ha”. All these must happen simultaneously. And the person targeted also targets another person in the same manner and it goes like that till the number reduces to two persons. So, you will be disqualified if you say the wrong word or if you are too late to respond or if you swerve your hands to the wrong person and the next person must make his target immediately. To know the winner you can give both of them a task to do like staring at each others eyeballs without blinking etc.

      First person with both palms raised up

The person being targeted immediately raised up her hands

You just have to be at alert

  1. Back Writing: This is another game that sounds interesting and fun. You all divide yourselves into two equal groups or more groups of the same number if you are really many. The idea of the game is that you try to communicate with the person in front of you without making any sound or signs, you are only allowed to scribble the words on the persons back. Which means you all will be lining up like that assembly thing primary school pupils do every morning. The last person on the line steps forward to get the word to be scribbled. After he gets it from the anchor, he scribbles it on the next persons back and that person do the same to the next person till it gets to the first person in the queue. During this process, there is no talking but its up to the team to decide how to communicate if they understand what is being scribbled on their back or confused. Which he or she says it to the anchor to know if that’s the correct word. The team with the correct word wins. My team lost at the first round. We were given the word “Dope” to pass to other team mates but we eventually gave back “Poe”. The problem we had was that we didn’t make it clear to each other that we should only use Upper Case Alphabets. New things right? Now that’s fun.
  2. Whisper Games. This can also be fun. We sit or stand close to each other and whisper the words to the next person as fast as you can and whisper only once. So the first person gets the words from the anchor and she whispers it to the next person and the last person do likewise till it gets to the last person and the last person says it out loud and we all know if that’s the right word. Note that the whisper must be quick and done once. I think this we got right.
  3. Beach Ball Games: You all should be familiar with this. Most beaches do have a volleyball net where you can play volley ball and some also do have the football nets too. So as not to be gender biased I think the volleyball will be a good pick for both sex as everyone tends to mix up which aids bonding among everyone present. So I advice you take your ball along and go win those games.
  4. Naming Game: You all might want to go down the memory lane and try this game out. Just like we use to do it in primary school. We are asked to call names of people,  celebrities, countries, tourist destinations, football players, football clubs, basketball calls and as many names you can come up with. I know you should be smiling by now cos you remembered how you got stucked while trying to remember names of Arsenal players that you know.

I believe these are just few out of numerous games and activities we can engage ourselves in and get the best fun and memories while chilling on the beach.

I know you’ve got some other ones to share. Feel free to use the comment box and let’s try out new stuffs together.

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