7 instructions from your phone manufacturer you haven’t be following

7 instructions from your phone manufacturer you haven't be following

No one check the manual that come with his or her phone today, thanks to theinfonomia tech hub and other tech hub around; but are the manual meant to put aside? If so, why are you still becoming a victim of phone damages and difficulties with your mobile devices.Most manuals that are attached with new phone do have written instructions and advice on how best to take care of your device. let check few of them below.

  • Turn your phone when you are near a chemical plant, an oil depot, or other explosives

  • use earphone during driving to ensure safety unless emergency

  • Do not check your cellphone while in a plane

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  • Do not dismantle your cell phone yourself. in case of failure, contact our service station

  • Do not dispose the worn battery as common domestic rubbish

  • please ensure the phone isn’t exposed to any liquid. in case this situation occurs, please remove the battery and contact our service station

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  • Do not use your cell phone in a hospital to avoid interference with the normal operation of medical equipment which may result in a medical accident

Which one are you not following or will want to add? Be sincere, put them in the comment box for others to see.

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