5 Things To Expect At Tarkwa Bay


After another successful trip to the amazing Tarkwa bay, which still gives another reason to travel and explore the beauty of tourism in Nigeria. It was really good to know that in the midst of the ever bustling and hustle freak city of Lagos, there is still a hidden place far away from the horns, chants,  harmful gas emissions of vehicles and factories,  that one can find a serene and unruffled place to relax and enjoy the moment. Tarkwa bay met the high expectancy of our travel friends as the whole day was well spent and every memories counted. 

To have a fun filled day at Tarkwa bay, there are somethings to expect that will help you plan ahead for the trip and having no regrets:

1. Boat Ride:- Tarkwa bay excitements really starts immediately you arrive at the jetty. So unlike every other tourists destination that you access via road, your journey to the island starts via an exciting boat ride which takes about 20 minutes, so if you think you are going to close your eyes due to the “water-phobia thingy” then you need to rethink cos the fun starts with selfies, sight seeing, views of mighty ships and also the waves. If you thinking about safety, a life saving jacket is all available. Just fasten it to your chest and enjoy the ride. Note, for people coming from the mainland or around cms lekki axis, the CMS Jetty is the perfect pickup point for you. The boats are always ready to take you at any time and it gets full on time. The fare is 500 naira only.

2. Tour Guide/Agent: Another interesting thing about Tarkwa bay is beyond the beach itself but interesting facts and history about the island, who the habitants are, how it was an access and a medium for business exchange, the role it took in slave trade and other business transactions. Part of sights was the rail way that passes through the island. Are you surprised? So much to unravel. So take your time and enjoy the tour provided by the tour guide. Having a tour guide might come handy as such might also be saviour from people who might take every tourists as an avenue to make money. If you are interested in having a safe and reliable tour guide,  feel free to contact us asap as we will connect you with one.

3. Get Prepared: Everything about Tarkwa Bay is attached to a fee,  from the boat ride to the the tent, chairs and even table, even to pee. But with the right contact you might get something for free. Though everything you need is available once you can pay for them. Let’s give you another heads up, please don’t flaunt your professional cameras if you are not ready to pay for them. They see you as media personnels who are looking for picture content to put on their sites and they are very strict against taking shots of other tourists on the beach without their permission. At least we told you this.

4. Games & Activities: One thing we are sure of is that you can’t be on the beach and get bored… Sight seeing alone can get you engrossed for blursñ but if you really want to get into the mode then there are activities to try out such as volley ball, beach soccer, surfing, swimming, horse ride and also you can develop nice games just like we did. Have you ever heard about the whispering games, Hin Ha Hu, twisting, Naming game all these are guaranteed if you travel with the best crew. If you want to know how to get play these games kindly check out for the next blog on games you can play on the beach. I will advise you to bring your wireless speakers along if you want to enjoy music on the beach because there are no standing DJ but you can enjoy the tune from Rastafarian guitarist. Yeah !!  That we enjoyed also.

5. Food & Drinks: Lastly, you all will agree with me that all fun and no food aint fun at all. Food and drinks are blessings to every gathering or travels, so many things can just come from those happy moments of eating and drinking together. Thanks to Tarkwa Bay, you are allowed to bring in food and drinks and merry at no cost. And if you just can’t go through that stress, there are hotels on the island that you can patronize for nice food and drinks. Please ensure to keep Tarkwa Bay clean by making use of the trash bins that are provided at every point on the beach.

If you really have plans of visiting Tarkwa Bay with friends or family and you want to have an awesome experience with everything covered such as transportation, accommodation, feeding, tour guides, games and activities. Feel free to contact us at Discoveria and we are sure to get you covered.

Feel free to share your Tarkwa Bay experience as we discover and explore Nigeria together.