5 Easy Tasks to Make Your Smartphone Run Faster.

5 Easy Tasks to Make Your Smartphone Run Faster.

With android becoming the most used mobile operating system today, you can be annoy when your smartphone work slowly at instant of checking your mail or send a quick and important messages that require internet connection. Our tech guy from theinfonomia got everthing needed to avoid unexpected dissapointment and stop such lagging performance.  Let see the 6 easy tasks to kill such lagging performance.

Do Update Your handset

A little update alert comes with better upgrade, defence and advanced users experience. Learn to do so once in a while to make your smartphone stay safe.

Learn to Clean cache

Cleaning your cache make your android run faster when temporary files and cache occupy spaces on your device. Install app from the play store that can clean up device.

Simplify your Home Screen

Few shortcuts on your smartphone screen makes your smartphone faster while too much shortcuts slow the phone performance. A lightweight third-party launcher is a good alternative. Don’t use live wallpaper, uninstall unused widgets and remove unwanted app shortcuts.

Remove unused files

Frequently cleaning up your device analyze unused files, images, music, video and various content that occupy space on your device. The result gotten from the analysis shows how much space used up and others unecessary files that need to be clean up.

Turn off Auto sync

Syncing sometimes can makes perfromance level of your device poorer.  Watch your device performance before turning on Sync not make the problem worse.

We trust from theinfonomiaTECH desk, improvement on your device will be done easily when all these tasks are apply.